Thrifty Finds

The other day after I met Heidi for lunch at Round Table and a good visit, I stopped in a little thrift store when I was done. I haven’t been to one in years, but I figure since I am getting all crafty I should be keeping my eye out for good deals!

Sure enough, I found this adorable little metal box. Yes, it is kind of ugly, but how cute will it be after a nice coat of paint? I am not sure what I will use it for, but I am picturing it sitting on my kitchen counter with a super cute little label on it made by my new cricut! I got one on ebay and I am so excited to start using it. I paid $1.50.

Yesterday my sis, Kristen, was out hitting garage sales. She is the Queen of Ebay. No, seriously. She has a thriving ebay business that she has been doing for more than a decade and she always finds the best deals. I am going to have her come on here and do a guest post to give us thrifty shoppers some good tips! Anyways, she called me because she saw some cute scrap booking stuff at a sale near me and thought I might want to check it out, since I am getting my craft on these days. I drove over there, but wasn’t tickled the scrapbook stuff… no, I was swept away by these gorgeous ball caning jars!! I got all three of them for $7, when they were originally asking for $3 a piece. I was so excited, sure I had found something super old and vintage!

I guess I should have checked them out before I bought them, because once I had them home I saw them new labels on the bottom of them. Oh well, live and learn! At any rate, I love them and am so glad I have them.

Question is— what should I do with them?