In the spirit of Halloween

On a warm summer night in 2004, I was startled awake by a noise, and turned to my side to sleepily see a small boy standing next to my bed in a large cowboy hat.

I glanced at the clock and it was around 3 am. I drifted back to sleep.

Soon thereafter, my mother was at my bedroom window, calling me to wake up. She had been knocking on the door and calling my phone but I was in such a sound sleep, I did not hear her.

I stumbled to the front door only to find out my grandad had passed away about an hour prior.

To this day, I believe it was him as a child that I saw standing beside my bed.

Halloween Dayz

Over the years I have had some fun costumes. Last years was my favorite, though. The official title was “Robin Da Hood”. Halloween is always fun at my work, we dress up and have a costume contest.

My hat didn’t fit over my wig very well, so it is kind of perched on top of my head. :o) My hair wasn’t that long last year, although it is now!

Unfortunately I will be missing this years as well as our potluck! Last year I made “Bad Boyfriend Pasta”! It was a hit!

I used sausages for the fingers and bell peppers for the fingernails.

I will also miss out on seeing my work BFF Jodi in her cute costume, she always has something fun to wear. Halloween is one of her favorite holidays so she goes all out.

The first year we worked together she was Medusa! Here we are last year, she was Miss Scarlet from the Clue Game.

The year before I was a bad fairy and she wore my naughty nun costume, which she decided to make even naughtier by making it a pregnant naughty nun! She looked so cute!

What was your favorite Halloween costume?