Fabulous Friday

Wowza! Last night was a late one! Kristen and I worked until 12:30! I think the cake turned out really cute, though! I will post pictures of it when I set it up for the baby shower on Sunday.

I can barely move my arm today and I hardly did any work with my bad arm and didn’t do any of the hard work at all. It’s crazy how sensitive it is now to everything.

Tonight Andrea and I are going to go pick the cake up from Kristen’s and put it in her fridge, then tomorrow night we will stack the layers and finish making the fondant balls. I need about a hundred of them to circle the layers of the cake and Kristen made about 20 last night while I cut out the stripes and polka dots for the cake. Above is a picture of the decorations Andrea is using for the baby shower, so the cake will hopefully match nicely!

I will be also posting a How To on making your own fondant soon. If you have ever had fondant from a bakery before, you know it mostly tastes awful! However, there is a wonderful recipe for marshmallow fondant that is relatively easy to make and tastes sooo much better!

Doesn’t it look so yummy? Hmm…I wonder if anyone would notice if I snacked on some of the fondant balls that were all ready made…

Edited to add: did not make the fondant balls, wrapped the base with a ribbon instead.