Oh the fun I shall have!

My sister and I drove about a half hour to pick up my new hutch! We made a deal that if she went with me, we would go to the Bull and Gelding Sale. Really, I wasn’t about to say no to hot cowboys.

We stopped at the Salvation Army first, to see if we could find anything fun. Just as we were getting ready to leave, I noticed this bit of wood poking out from behind a bunch of “junk”. I wandered over to it and saw that it was a stereo cabinet. I called Kristen over and we cleared everything away from it and were pretty amazed at how cool it was. It was beat up, sure, but still, what potential! The sale tag was $50, but it had been sitting there since August of last year. I knew I could get it for cheaper.

I talked to a clerk behind the counter and she came back and told me I could have it for $25. I wasn’t completely sold. I knew they could go lower. Kristen and I looked it over some more and discovered the back was missing. I went back to the clerk and told her I would pay $15 and take it that day. She agreed and suddenly I was the proud owner of a…stereo cabinet? *laughs* I really blame this on Better After. If she didn’t post such amazing redos I would have never opened this Pandora’s box. Two weeks ago I wouldn’t have looked twice at a stereo cabinet. Darn, Lindsey!

Now the question, of course, is whether to restore and sell or refurbish and sell, or refurbish and keep? Oh so many questions with no answers! Gah!

I also need to do some research and figure out how old this little guy is. I am guessing somewhere between 1940s-1950s, but not sure.

After this purchase we hit the Bull and Gelding sale and had a great time. I will blog more about that later. We met with and talked to so many fun people. Also, did I mention how HOT the cowboys were? It was ridiculous! I don’t think I have been smiled at or checked out this much since college! And seriously, there is just something about a man in a nice starched shirt, tucked into finely creased jeans. Yum! (Did I just say that out loud?)

After the sale we picked up the hutch which I got for a steal at $45! They were asking for $60, but once I got down there to check it out, I discovered the middle door was broken in the corner and that the top embellishment was plastic. No biggie for me, but I wasn’t going to pay $60 for it. I knew this is something I would want to keep, since it is pretty petite and would fit nicely into my kitchen. I just need to decide what color to paint it. The two outside glass doors do not open, and the middle door down below also does not open. I have been thinking about taking the glass doors and leaving the front open, but I am just not sure. Any suggestions?

Yesterday my mom and I started packing up Grandma’s apartment. She is still in the rehab hospital and they are not hopeful that she will be able to go back to her place. :o( We are hoping for the best but we also know she will be in rehab for another few months and we don’t want to waste her money paying for two places.

It’s going to take us several days to go through everything, but we made some progress last night. We split up these beautiful glasses she got in Mexico when my mom was a little girl, as well as a tray. I am going to put them in my hutch when it is all done. I also brought home the sweetest baby shoes that belonged to my Auntie Dee Dee when she was little. I snapped a picture of them on the tray, because I thought they were so cute!

Okay, enough rambling for now. Ta ta!


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