Thoughtful, prayerful Thursday

Hello, my dear friends.

I am coming to you again, asking for your prayers for Heidi and her mother. I had the joy of getting to meet with Heidi today for lunch, seeing one another for the first time in 15 years. It was so nice to visit with her and I have to say she has not changed one bit.

As I have mentioned before, her mother is very ill with thoracic cancer. At this point the doctor’s are just trying to manage her pain.

I am asking that you pray for Heidi that God gives her strength to get through this and that He holds her close and comforts her heart. Pray that Ursula’s pain is eased and that she is able to be cognizant of this precious time she has with Heidi. Pray that her husband will understand the severity of her illness and be supportive of her during this time.

I have not lost either of my parents, I have been blessed.  My heart aches for Heidi and I know she can use all of the love and support we can send her.


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