Did you know…

That you don’t necessarily have to by Swiffer products as refills? I have the Swiffer Wet Jet, which I am pretty happy with. It works well in my kitchen and bathroom, but I don’t dare use it on my hardwood floors.

I have tried a couple of different things to keep my hardwood floors clean, which is an uphill battle since I have a kitty who loves to spread his hair around. If I sweep, it floats in the air. If I vacuum…it floats in the air. See my problem?

Yesterday I happened to see a Swiffer Sweeper commercial, but I really didn’t want to buy a whole new device. I hoped that when I went to the store this evening, that the Sweeper refills – which promise to collect hair- would fit my Wet Jet.

That would be a negative.

I was disappointed and even contemplated buying the Sweeper, but I just couldn’t justify it. As I was leaving the cleaning aisle, I caught a package out of the corner of my eye.

The Cedar ProMist Semi-disposable microfiber refill. 10 microfiber pads and they can be washed up to 3 times before they might need to be tossed.

I got excited for a moment as I read that it picks up dust, dirt and hair, my biggest gripes for keeping my hardwood floors clean. It would be too easy if it actually fit on Swiffer Wet Jet! I looked to see that they attached to the velcro on the bottom of the Cedar ProMist, which is exactly how the Swiffer Wet Jet refills attach.

I held the over the Wet Jet refill box, and they seemed to be the same size. I figured for $7 bucks they were worth the chance.

When I got home I put away my perishables and then pulled out my Swiffer Wet Jet. I crossed my fingers and them opened the package and slapped it on.

It appeared to fit! The pad hung off the sides a bit, but according to the pictures above, it does this with ProMist as well!

Now, for the test. Will it pick up the cat hair? I did a few experimental sweeps of the floor and I am so happy to report…IT DOES! I am so terribly excited. Not only did I get a decent deal (Walmart is always a good buy!), but I found I can mix and match brands, as most if you know- that hardly ever happens.

Signing off now, must go do the floors! *giddy squeal*

What little tricks have you learned along the way?

11 thoughts on “Did you know…

  1. I love this.. I "had" the PRO mist.. It broke in less than a yr.. I was so happy when I seen on Pinterest that I could refill the bottle for my Wet Jet and now I am happy to know I can use the re-usable pads too.. Thanks for the tip

  2. I found a simple knitting pattern to knit your own reusable mop pad. I have the Clorox version of the Wet Jet and have saved so much money not having to buy those expensive refills. I'm a novice knitter for sure, but even I managed to get it to come out okay. I used a cotton yarn and a varied stitch for scrubbing texture. Works great! I also stopped buying the cleaning solution and found a similarly effective substitute at the Dollar Store.

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