Fantastic Friday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I enjoyed spending time yesterday with my Grandma (who just turned 91!!), my mom, my little brother (who really isn’t so little– 24!) and my step dad. We had a Thanksgiving lunch yesterday at my Grandma’s and then went back to my mom’s house where she and my brother baked cookies (his first instruction on how to!) and my Grandma and I watched a Cary Grant movie “The Grass is Greener”.

After that I headed to Michaels…I know, I know! Shopping on Thanksgiving?! But they had a great sale and I was itching to pick up more canvases to continue my DIY Wall Art. I have some great Christmas presents planned out for the family, but some of them do read this blog, so I will have to wait until after Christmas to show them to you!

Don’t worry, though, I will be posting plenty of fun, crafty, DIY things until then.

I joined my first link parties this week (Wednesday) and was absolutely shocked at the amount of traffic I got to my little blog! I have easily over 200 unique hits. I am tickled. Of course not everybody commented or followed (Hello to my two new followers, Sherika and Mrs Angell!) Such a pleasure to have you on board!

If you like what you read, please follow me and I will follow back!


4 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday!

  1. I would've gone shopping on Thanksgiving, if only I'd had the energy! A big turkey dinner just wipes me out. 🙂 Hope you found all you were looking for.

  2. I really didn't have much energy, but I couldn't resist checking the deals on canvases at Michaels! I think I did all right, considering! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kim!

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