How to make custom wall art!

I have recently become addicted to discovered Pinterest and have been pinning like a mad woman. I have found so many exciting DIY projects that I could hardly wait to get started.

The one that inspired me the most was using scrap-book paper and applying it to a medium to hang on the wall.

I have a white, blank wall in my office that has been begging for attention. I didn’t know what I wanted to put there and nothing that looked at really felt right. After discovering Pinterest, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

My office has two white walls and two green walls. My furniture is white and my accents are black.

After researching sales, I decided to purchase 12″ x 12″ canvas value packs from Michaels. I lucked out because a value pack of 7 were on sale for $14.99. They were by far the best deal. I have seen numerous tutorials using old frames, frames from the Dollar Tree, etc.

This is what you will need for this project

  • canvas (or medium of your choice)
  • scrap-booking paper for each canvas
  • black craft paint
  • small paint brush
  • permanent tacky spray
  • gloss sealer
I picked out 9 different pieces of scrap-book paper. Even though scrap-book paper is supposed to be 12″ x 12″, each piece was a little bit taller than that. I trimmed each of them down with a paper cutter. Once done, I arranged them on the floor on a drop cloth to make sure I liked the papers I chose.
I decided that I did want to paint the edges of the canvas because the white looked to bland.
I let them all dry and then used the permanent tacky spray to start attaching the paper.
Note: I did try to use Mod Podge, however if you want a smooth finish, you can not use mod podge on paper on canvas. It will wrinkle up and look like the paper had water damage.

This part went fairly quickly. Follow the instructions on the can and spray it over the canvas. Make sure that when you lay down your paper you have it lined up properly, it is not easy to move one it touches the canvas. You can spray the tacky spray inside, but I do not recommend spraying the sealer inside. It has a very, very strong odor.

Once each piece was attached, I let it sit for about 15 minutes. It dries very quickly.

Here is what my finished product looked like without the sealer over it.
Once this set, I took these outside and sprayed them down with three coats of sealer. That also dried very quickly and gave the finished product a really nice sheen.
I realized I made a boo-boo on the black and white stripes which shows in the bottom left corner of the picture, so I went ahead and placed a piece over it to hide it. A corner of the black and white stripe piece did not adhere and instead of using the tacky spray, I accidentally used the sealer, which caused the black paint to show through onto the paper.
If you have pieces that come loose, don’t worry, you can fix it! Just make sure you use the right can. ;o)
Here is the finished product before I hung them. I am very happy with how they turned out! I can’t believe how easy it was.I would estimate that each square cost me a total of $4 to make- and well worth it! If you all ready have the scrap-book paper and adhesive, then it will cost you a little over $2 each!
And finally, here it is hanging on my wall.

If you have any questions, please let me know! All of these products are available for purchase in my Amazon Shop.
Oh so fun! Participating in my first link parties!

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59 thoughts on “How to make custom wall art!

  1. Love this idea! I have also seen this done with fabric, (especially discounted upholstery fabric or those pieces that you don't know what to do with them because there is not enough of it). You just stretch it over the canvas and staple it onto the back.

  2. awesome idea. I am gonna modify it a bit. We got some castle landscape posters in Germany yrs ago that I always meant to frame and never did. I am going to cut it into 12×12 squares (or whatever size canvas I find) and do this procedure then hang them together. AND for my bedroom I am gonna do your exact project with some butterfly scrapbook papers I found. Will take pictures and post-send when I finish later this month:-)

  3. Hi, KP! I couldn't respond to you directly since your settings are no email reply. I got the cube shelf at Ikea!! Stay tuned because I will be posting my office redo sometime this next week, using a series of these shelves! It is called the Expedit. Cheap price, easy to put together and I love the way it looks!!

  4. I wish I had seen this several months ago!! I just did tis exact same thing w scrapbook paper on canvas, but my spray adhesive must have been old, I couldn't get my paper to stick. So I gave up & Modge Poged it. That was a MESS! it also wrinkled up a few of my papers, but worked out well enough. Thanks for sharing this!!

  5. Hi, Liss! I am actually noticing that my corners are starting to come up on this! I am really bummed that this is happening. I think I might give the mod podge a try again and just use it very sparingly. How did it turn out after it was all dried? Do you have any pictures you can share?

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