Some thoughts and a prayer request

Today is my step-mom Gale’s birthday! I am baking a chocolate cake for her and will frost it with whipped ganache. I will post a tutorial later on the whipped ganache, it is heaven!

It’s been a fairly quiet day today, woke up not feeling the best this morning so I skipped the gym, which I hate to do! But I figure one day playing hooky is allowed, right?

I can not get over how beautiful the weather is here today. It’s about 69 and normally we are down in the 50’s by now. Not that I am complaining at all, but it makes it hard to start getting into the Christmas spirit.

My cousin’s daughter, Syerra, is selling Christmas trees for school as part of FFA, so I plan to go get one tomorrow and have my step-sister, Kristen, come over and help me decorate. She offered the other day and I think I will take her up on it!

My Grandma turned 92 last week, which is amazing. She is still in really great shape considering her age, but is starting to get more and more forgetful, which makes me sad. I worry that we won’t have many Christmas’s left together. I don’t like to think about that.

My cousin Darin, Pete’s older brother, will be putting insulation in my attic and finishing off the sheet-rocking in my garage sometime next week. I can’t wait to have that done. It will be so much easier to keep the garage clean, I still hope to have the front part of it (it is super long) turned into a laundry room some day!

Last, but not least, I do have something on the somber side to share. My friend Heidi, whom I have known since pre-school, is currently taking care of her mother, who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that has spread throughout all her bones in the thoracic region, spine, ribs, sternum, shoulder blades- just everywhere.

At this point in time their goal is to simply manage her pain. Obviously this is very, very hard on Heidi and her step-dad. Please say a prayer for her mother, Ursula, Heidi, and the rest of their family. Ursula has had a very long life, caring for other people as a nurse. She also survived World War II and the Nazi invasions, living in a Danish refugee camp for Germans at the end of the war.



First Featured!

What a surprise this morning when I received a comment from DaNita from Delightful Order letting me know that my first crafty effort was being featured as part of their “Featuring You Showcase” from their Thursday link party!

I have to admit I was pretty tickled, considering how new I am to all of this. I am working on my next project as we speak and hope to have something to show you all soon!

Thank you so much to everyone who clicked on my link to give me enough hits to make the top ten! You guys are the best.


Sweet Sunday

Colin, Cason & Connor

Today is shaping up to be a wonderful day. I am over at Andrea’s house with her little ones while she is up at the hospital with her sister-in-law who is giving birth to her first child. Andrea’s husband is stuck at work, so Auntie Jennifer to the rescue.

I absolutely adore her children, so it is no hardship at all! Her two oldest, Connor (6) and Colin (4), are outside playing with their friends, and I am inside with little Cason, who is about 20 months. He has the most beautiful, big blue eyes I have ever seen. He is such a little monkey.

When Andrea left he disolved into tears, much to my chagrin, but they do not call be the baby whisperer for nothing! After a quick round of snuggles and soothing whispers, we plopped down on the couch to watch his all time favorite show- no, not Barney, not the mover people…Winged Migration! He loves birds. Anytime he is upset Andrea puts it on and he instantly forgets! We have been watching it for about 40 minutes now and he is still enchanted. Every now and then he turns around to me and says “burd”and smiles.

Clockwise: Connor, Colin and Cason

Colin just came in side and asked me to help him put his shoes back on. It did escape me to ask how they came off in the first place, but that is such a little boy thing. He then handed me a gum ball and asked if we could cut it in half. After I was done he looked at the two pieces and informed me that he was going to take the smaller one and “give the big one to Wes”.

I have to say, she has raised some wonderful little kids.

Cason just laid a pillow on my lap and put his head down. I thought he might be ready for his nap, but no, he just wanted to snuggle for a bit. I can handle that. :o)

Fantastic Friday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I enjoyed spending time yesterday with my Grandma (who just turned 91!!), my mom, my little brother (who really isn’t so little– 24!) and my step dad. We had a Thanksgiving lunch yesterday at my Grandma’s and then went back to my mom’s house where she and my brother baked cookies (his first instruction on how to!) and my Grandma and I watched a Cary Grant movie “The Grass is Greener”.

After that I headed to Michaels…I know, I know! Shopping on Thanksgiving?! But they had a great sale and I was itching to pick up more canvases to continue my DIY Wall Art. I have some great Christmas presents planned out for the family, but some of them do read this blog, so I will have to wait until after Christmas to show them to you!

Don’t worry, though, I will be posting plenty of fun, crafty, DIY things until then.

I joined my first link parties this week (Wednesday) and was absolutely shocked at the amount of traffic I got to my little blog! I have easily over 200 unique hits. I am tickled. Of course not everybody commented or followed (Hello to my two new followers, Sherika and Mrs Angell!) Such a pleasure to have you on board!

If you like what you read, please follow me and I will follow back!

How to make custom wall art!

I have recently become addicted to discovered Pinterest and have been pinning like a mad woman. I have found so many exciting DIY projects that I could hardly wait to get started.

The one that inspired me the most was using scrap-book paper and applying it to a medium to hang on the wall.

I have a white, blank wall in my office that has been begging for attention. I didn’t know what I wanted to put there and nothing that looked at really felt right. After discovering Pinterest, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

My office has two white walls and two green walls. My furniture is white and my accents are black.

After researching sales, I decided to purchase 12″ x 12″ canvas value packs from Michaels. I lucked out because a value pack of 7 were on sale for $14.99. They were by far the best deal. I have seen numerous tutorials using old frames, frames from the Dollar Tree, etc.

This is what you will need for this project

  • canvas (or medium of your choice)
  • scrap-booking paper for each canvas
  • black craft paint
  • small paint brush
  • permanent tacky spray
  • gloss sealer
I picked out 9 different pieces of scrap-book paper. Even though scrap-book paper is supposed to be 12″ x 12″, each piece was a little bit taller than that. I trimmed each of them down with a paper cutter. Once done, I arranged them on the floor on a drop cloth to make sure I liked the papers I chose.
I decided that I did want to paint the edges of the canvas because the white looked to bland.
I let them all dry and then used the permanent tacky spray to start attaching the paper.
Note: I did try to use Mod Podge, however if you want a smooth finish, you can not use mod podge on paper on canvas. It will wrinkle up and look like the paper had water damage.

This part went fairly quickly. Follow the instructions on the can and spray it over the canvas. Make sure that when you lay down your paper you have it lined up properly, it is not easy to move one it touches the canvas. You can spray the tacky spray inside, but I do not recommend spraying the sealer inside. It has a very, very strong odor.

Once each piece was attached, I let it sit for about 15 minutes. It dries very quickly.

Here is what my finished product looked like without the sealer over it.
Once this set, I took these outside and sprayed them down with three coats of sealer. That also dried very quickly and gave the finished product a really nice sheen.
I realized I made a boo-boo on the black and white stripes which shows in the bottom left corner of the picture, so I went ahead and placed a piece over it to hide it. A corner of the black and white stripe piece did not adhere and instead of using the tacky spray, I accidentally used the sealer, which caused the black paint to show through onto the paper.
If you have pieces that come loose, don’t worry, you can fix it! Just make sure you use the right can. ;o)
Here is the finished product before I hung them. I am very happy with how they turned out! I can’t believe how easy it was.I would estimate that each square cost me a total of $4 to make- and well worth it! If you all ready have the scrap-book paper and adhesive, then it will cost you a little over $2 each!
And finally, here it is hanging on my wall.

If you have any questions, please let me know! All of these products are available for purchase in my Amazon Shop.
Oh so fun! Participating in my first link parties!

P.S. Linking up at all my favorite party place listed on my link party page, as well as a new place to kick up my heels —The Stewart Estate!

Tuesday at Jennifer’s

I haven’t been updating a whole lot over the last few weeks because I hadn’t been feeling that inspired. I am happy to report that now I am feeling just wonderful over all.

My arm aside, the rest of me feels great! I finally gave in and joined a gym recently, and this is my second week going. I am aiming to go a min of 4 days a week, hoping for 5 and so far have done the min of 4. I am only doing cardio right now, but it feels so good! Sometimes it is hard to get going in the morning, but once I am there I am good. There have been a few times – like today- where I was half way through my work out and I was tired enough I wanted to quit! But, I didn’t. I have all ready lost about 3 lbs and frankly my mind and body feel wonderful.

It has given me enough of a pick me up that I have been doing things around the house that have been neglected since my arm decided to go on strike. The art project I did in my last post probably wou,ld not have gotten done if I wasn’t feeling so happy and I am excited to do more.

Being out of work for as long as I have been off, not seeing my work friends and having regular social interaction – in person- has really taken it’s tole on me. Not only has it sucked out my energy, but it also sucked out my creativity, I have had a terrible time writing over the last month.

Luckily I feel like i am getting back to my old self, if not a new and improved old self and I am even feeling the inspiration to write again. So exciting!

Yesterday I went and saw my hair dresser extraordinare and she took my hair to a light brown and put in golden blonde highlights. I am working my way back to my natural color and I solemnly swear to never dye it brown again. No offense to my brunette readers, I think brown hair is beautiful, it is just soooo is not me. ;o)

It’s a little overcast here today, but since I am home from the gym and freshly showered, I think I might just stay in the rest of the day, maybe do a little writing and work on some of my art projects.

Since it is Thanksgiving week, it is only appropriate to think about the things I am thankful for.

  • my health
  • my mother
  • my friends
  • my father
  • my family
  • my new church
  • my renewed relationship with God
  • my happiness
What are you thankful for?