Gonna wash that red right out of my hair…

My lovely mother put new color in my hair tonight to get rid of the red. I saw my hair lady yesterday and after a trim she and I went next door to the beauty supply store and she picked out the things I needed to help my fading color.

I should have never dyed my blonde hair! Oh well, you live and learn. I wanted to be chestnut brown for awhile and instead as it started to wash out the redder it got. So she picked out a color that will even it out all over and then in a few weeks she will start putting blonde highlights in it to help me get it back to my natural color.

I have to admit I am a bit mad at myself, as this is the longest my hair has been since I was in highschool, or maybe even since I was a child, and here I am damaging it by messing with the color. Thankfully the stuff she picked out didn’t harm my hair in any way and it actually feels really silky, so this is a good sign.

After several glasses of champagne we did my hair, let it sit for the allotted amount of time, rinsed it out, blew it dry just a little bit and then tucked in on the couch with my step-dad to watch “Match Point” with Jonathan Rhys Meyer. He is such a beautiful man and a wonderful actor.

So tragic he has so many demons. I hope he is able to work through them and not let them destroy his career.

Talked to Todd tonight via text, sounds like he and is giving second thoughts to his break up with his gf. I told him to take his time and do what is best for him. He’s a good guy and he deserves to be happy. I did warn him to make sure he was looking at it from all of the right angles though, I know all to well about trying to make something out of nothing, not to mention hoping someone will change when they won’t.

I told my dad that I will go to church with him tomorrow. This will be the first time I have went since 2004 I believe.

What have you done to your hair that you have completely regretted?


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