The worlds coolest scarf!

Text conversation from earlier tonight:

Melly: Almost a foot done, going to make it long for lots of wrapping. Soft washable wool. Looks good on both sides.

Me: Oh my gosh! I love it! Look how much you have done tonight all ready! I am so blogging about this tonight! XOXO

Melly: Girl, email me your blog link!

Me: Will do!

Melly: Now almost 2 ft long! Hope to get it nearly 3 feet long by bedtime.

Me: Holy cow! You remember I am only 5’2″ right? lol

Melly: Yes, but it’s skinny so you need the length to wrap. ;o)

Me: Ohhhh, okay. You are so cute.

Melly is a rock star. We were talking last week about the drastic change in the weather and she decided she was going to make me a scarf to keep me warm. How awesome is that? This will be my first hand-made scarf. I am so excited.

We have “known” one another since 2000, I believe. Wow, I can’t believe it has been that long! We “met” online at on a thread for Joshua Jackson. We both felt the love back in the day. Melly moved on to hottie Kerr Smith and let me have Josh all to myself. Talk about considerate! We then formed the WBW’s with out buddy Milkah and the rest is history. *giggle* I see you, baby!

(Side note: Harley’s driving down my street right now roared their bikes so loud they have set off a car alarm. I don’t understand why people behave that way. )

Have you ever had a friend knit or crochet something special for you? Tell me about it! :O)


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