Old friends

Very busy last week and weekend, so Sunday was spent recovering, which I did not actually do as I had to go grocery shopping and then go find us a dryer as ours decided to die Monday night with three wet loads of laundry. Lovely! Thankfully I found a great deal at Lowes on a nice Whirpool which was 7.0 cubic ft. Works great, looks great and the price was right!

So onto the next few days which were hectic, and then Tuesday night Stephanie came over so we could start making a cake for Andrea’s birthday. Her actual birthday was the 29th, but since I had Vanessa’s party and Andrea had family stuff, we all decided to make it Friday we would get together.

We decided on a two layer lemon cake with cream cheese frosting and fondant with lemon extract flavoring. So Tuesday night we baked one of the cakes and rolled out the fondant. Wendesday I baked the second cake and iced them. Thursday Steph came back over and we decorated. I think this one turned out really good! We were both very pleased.

Last night we met Andrea at Logans and suprised her with a cute balloon bouquet, her cake and presents. She was surprised and loved her cake. I have to say it was pretty tastey! We had a great night and visited for hours,ate way too many peanuts and drank way too much Roadhouse Iced Teas!!

I love my friends. We were there talking until 9:30! Then Stephanie and I ran to Target and picked up a few things. It was a great night. Here’s to over 20 years of amazing friendships! I love you, guys!